Geldof works safely – now an unbroken period of 365 days

On 9 May 2010, a first milestone was reached in Geldof’s new safety policy: 365 days long without an accident that lost working time.

Geldof’s safety statistics have always been better than its industry’s average. However, people at Geldof found this ‘good score’ totally inadequate. Geldof considers ‘complete safety’ as the only acceptable goal in this context, and makes this topic a top priority. Safety has been highlighted together with health and sustainable business via various campaigns and promotions, as well as being systematically implemented in all business processes.

Safety is a story about people. This splendid result demands attitude, commitment, continuous efforts, and especially cooperation. At Geldof, therefore, we are all proud and, above all, extremely motivated to continue following this successful route together with our suppliers and customers.

Not a single accident is a real possibility! We hope we can make you enthusiastic too.

May 12th, 2010