We invest in our future

We invest in our future @ Geldof

As they say, no changes no progress. That is why we are always looking for ways to expand.
With our people, our products, but also in our infrastructure.

After 31 years, we pulled the plug of our old ESAB plasma cutting machine to make room for a new one.
A brand new MicroStep plasma cutting machine with Tecloga exchangeable pallet table will be put in use as from September 2018.

We invest in our future

(Picture of the new machine under construction)

At Geldof, it is a priority to deliver high quality and do so in a safe and environmentally friendly way.
That’s why the machine is provided with all of the latest technologies: plasma bevel head rotator with Hypertherm source 400 XD, oxy cutting head, marking unit for traceability, auto plate alignment,…

Below you can find a timelapse video of the demolition of the old, and preparation for the new cutting machine.

In order to be able to find the correct spot for the machine, we also built a new hall “E3” (LxBxH = 26m x 11m x 9m).
The hall is especially constructed for the machine and cutting plates, herewith taking in account that safety, health and environment are our keystones.
A safety light curtain is installed around the machine and the operating system is completely ergonomic.
In the hall, there is a separate control room for the operator and various precautions were taken for low noise emission to the environment.

The hall was built in 2,5 months, thanks to a fast & safe collaboration of a lot of people, and is now ready for use.
We also would like to thank the subcontractors to make this happen in such short time!

Stay tuned to see how it evolves…

July 4th, 2018