Major investment in superior welding equipment!

Geldof commits every day to providing the highest quality. We achieve this through our quality assurance processes, through our knowledge, through our skills and experience, and through the equipment we use. Improving and updating all 4 aspects is a continuous process which we take very seriously.
Within this context, we are proud to announce an important investment in no less than 75 brand new multi-process synergic welding machines.

The order includes 3 types of best-in-class (semi-automatic) welding brands:
– 40 FRONIUS TRANSSTEEL 5000 with heavy duty CASE FEEDER VR500
– 20 KEMPPI FASTMIG X5 with heavy duty wire feeder HD300APC
– 15 Miller XMT 350 with Arc Reach control

This superior welding machinery comes equipped with the latest technology and boasts high performances in reliability, safety and ergonomics. These and other investments, such as our recent purchase of 40 VELLO distribution boxes, will boost our flexibility in tank maintenance and construction, supporting the strategic growth of our company.

We want to thank our suppliers and partners – Metalas, DWK – Welding Solutions and Welding Company – for this successful collaboration. The cooperative spirit between their teams and ours really demonstrates our motto: ’We’ includes you!

September 21st, 2023