Safety Recognition @ Team Terminal

In recognition of 100,000 hours of safe working at Team Terminal, Jan-Maarten Kingma (the Terminal manager of Team Terminal) recently awarded Geldof the “Excellence in Performance” certificate. To celebrate this important milestone, a festive BBQ was organized for all project employees.

‘A unique achievement,’ declares Maintenance Superintendent of Team Terminal Kees Rehorst. ‘Geldof is the first contractor to earn this certificate. Geldof works for us every day with a large team of workers. Working a hundred thousand hours without any significant incidents is an excellent performance.’

Present to receive the award on behalf of the entire Geldof-team was CEO Peter Verrept, stating: ‘We are extremely grateful to our employees for successfully reaching this milestone. Safety is and remains an absolute top priority at Geldof. This award proves that our clients recognize the safety awareness and daily efforts of our entire team.’

October 4th, 2023