Sparking Excellence: introducing the Geldof Award for secondary school students!

The future of European manufacturing relies on a highly skilled technical workforce. At Geldof, we believe that education plays a crucial role in developing these skills for the next generation. We were proud to do our part by welcoming 22 welding instructors from several West-Flemish VTI’s to our headquarters last Thursday.

Besides a tour of our workshop, we offered them the chance to participate in the first ever Geldof Award contest: a welding competition for secondary school students of Welding and Construction. This collaboration aims to achieve a number of goals:

  • Shine a well-deserved spotlight on the profession
  • Better prepare students for the demands of a real work environment
  • Promote attention to quality, safety and teamwork among the students

Geldof will provide all participants with technical drawings, instructions and materials. Participating students will work on their projects throughout the school year and the finished results will be ready in June of 2024. Interested in seeing what they make? Keep an eye out on our LinkedIn page and our website!



October 17th, 2023