The power we’re supplying, it’s electrifying!

Good news coming from our car park!
We just got 30 EV charging stations installed (good for 52 charge points in total), enabling and encouraging our employees and visitors to charge their electric (or hybrid) vehicle at the Geldof premises. The result? A substantial reduction in our CO2 emissions, one of our most important climate goals.

Today, people working at Geldof can already benefit from the company’s attractive car salary plan, allowing them to lease a car at an advantageous price. With the recent installation of the EV charging stations, we’re offering the employees an extra stimulus to go for the electric (or hybrid) option. Not only good for the climate, but also smart for the employees’ wallet!

And there’s more! Did you know that the electricity the EV drivers are charging at our car park is 100% green energy? And that 30% of this energy is generated by our own roof top solar installation, (1 794 photovoltaic panels), installed last year?

Thanks to this effort and a seamless collaboration with our partners, Ceratec (electrical installation), Smappee (charging stations) and Sign4Safety, Geldof is right on track and determined to make the sustainable transition happen!