Sustainable energy @ Geldof

Sustainable energy. Everyone’s talking about it, but at Geldof, we put our money where our mouth is, with a set of ambitious climate goals to get us closer towards carbon neutrality. For 2022, we aimed to reduce our carbon footprint by 15% and we are on track to achieve this KPI.

As part of this plan, we made a sizeable investment in a new photovoltaic installation, inaugurated just last week. The installation will produce an annual 701 000 kWh in green energy, good for over 30% of all energy consumption at our Harelbeke HQ. On a yearly basis, this means a reduction of 161 tons of CO2, or the equivalent of planting 7 245 trees. The solar installation consists of 1 794 photovoltaic panels, divided over 3 roofs with an installation capacity of 825 kWp in an east-west orientation connected to 5 SMA Sunny Tripower core inverters. In preparation of the new installation, all 3 roofs were completely recovered in a fresh topcoat, for a total of 10 171 m² roofing.

But wait, there’s more! In a second phase of the project, we are also investing in sustainable mobility. For pics and info, stay tuned… and keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn page.

December 2nd, 2022