Our New Year’s message for you

As we are getting closer to the new year, we at Geldof like to take a moment to reflect on the roads we’ve travelled and the journey yet to come.

And what a journey it’s been! A few years ago, we firmly chose the path of sustainability. From designing and building new biomass and biofuel installations, over maintenance operations extending the lifespan of existing installations, up to and including conversions improving operational sustainability: Geldof has done it all in 2023!

For our part, we set a course by committing ourselves to an ambitious reduction of our carbon footprint, among other efforts by electrifying our vehicle park. Whether in our projects or in our wider business organisation, we set a roadmap for success and climbed every mountain along the way.

We also took steps to improve our social environment. We invested in and celebrated safe working practices, organised teams of volunteers to collect litter in the neighbourhood and helped raise funds for cancer research.

But this journey would have been impossible without you, both the existing travel companions and the new friends we have made along the way. Thank you for going on this journey with us. We hope our paths will cross again in the new year and wish you a healthy and happy 2024.


December 22, 2023