Engicon Nederland bv

The Engicon Group designs and fabricates ‘integrated steel solutions’ for the storage, handling and processing of bulk liquids and gases. We have a strong reputation in the fabrication of storage tank solutions, dry bulk storage and handling projects, pressure vessels and process equipment, and a range of other engineered solutions that often require a combination of high-level competencies in diverse technical areas.

The Engicon Group has extensive expertise in renewable and conventional energy, storage and transshipment, and serves the oil and gas industries as well as a broad range of other industries around the world.

Engicon Nederland bv is the Dutch branch of the Engicon Group and is located in the center of Europe’s biggest and busiest port of Rotterdam, more specifically in the new industrial port area called ‘Europoort’.

The opening of this office leads to a further increase of our existing capacity to support our customers. Not only is there the benefit of establishing an operation in the center of the action and close to a wide range of clients, this also enables us to increase efficiency during the execution of the projects by working more easily with employees who live in the Netherlands.

Engicon Nederland bv

Engicon Nederland bv
Moezelweg 151
3198LS Europoort Rotterdam
The Netherlands

T +31 10 268 81 09