Geldof pressure vessels – a proud track record

For decades, engineering and fabrication of large pressure vessels is one of the core activities of Engicon nv (Geldof). Today Geldof has established a proud track record of successful realizations for the world’s leading principals and contractors servicing the global oil & gas, petrochemical and bulk chemical industries.
Besides running its own projects, Geldof also acted in a backing role to our former sister company G&G International, offering project management, engineering, operational and/or supporting services in G&G’s realizations. In 2015, G&G froze its operations out of its Belgian fabrication plant.

Integration of G&G International, cooperation with strategic partners

In the meantime Engicon took over G&G’s key people and engineering and operational expertise and integrated this in its organization. Moreover Engicon developed (and continues developing) strategic partnerships with highly skilled international partners strengthening its position in terms of geographic location, engineering and fabrication flexibility and bottom-line competitiveness.

Geldof/G&G pressure vessels – your reliable, qualitative and competitive partner

Through this extended organization, guided by specific technical and customer related criteria, Engicon can set-up the optimal approach for your pressure vessels projects.
Our scope of supply includes a wide range of engineered-to-order vessels:

  • Fully dressed columns including the installation of internals, piping, ladders and platforms, insulation and E&I works
  • Reactors and complete reactor head replacements
  • Process drums for various applications, gas storage bullets and spheres and cargo tanks

We apply most international pressure equipment design codes and hold various product and process certifications. We have segregated fabrication facilities for carbon and stainless steel vessels and the capability of applying temperature grades, special alloys and clad materials. We also offer complementary services such as freight/logistic services and site erection supervision. We have special solutions for oversized units allowing to finish the assembly at the job site.

If you’d like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us; we’d be glad to continue supporting you and look forward to a successful cooperation in your future projects.