Celebrate Good Times with Geldof: 700 Days Accident-Free!

Hip hip hooray! We’re bursting with pride at Geldof because we’ve hit a whopping 700 days without a single workplace accident!

Safety Isn’t Just Our Policy—It’s Our Passion!
At Geldof, safety is our jam—it’s what we rock at every day! This incredible safety streak is a shining example of our team’s dedication and vigilance. Every member of our crew plays a hero role in keeping our workspace secure and our team safe.

Cheers to Our Team!
Reaching this 700-day mark is all about teamwork. It’s the result of our fantastic colleagues who look out for each other and stick to our safety guidelines like glue. Big shoutout to everyone for making safety a daily habit that looks good on us!

Onward and Upward!
We’re throwing confetti today, but our eyes are set on the days ahead. We’re all in on not just keeping our standards but raising the bar even higher. Here’s to smashing more safety records! And the next one’s right around the corner, as the two year mark is only a month away…

Let’s Make Some Noise!
Got a minute to cheer on our team? Drop a congrats, send a high five, or share this post! Let’s continue to champion safety together and keep the momentum going!

May 17, 2024