Exciting Progress at Our Rouen Biomass Project with @DS Smith

Since our project launch in late January 2024, we’ve achieved significant assembly milestones at our Rouen site. Our team’s hard work is paying off as we watch our vision come to life!

Check out the latest snapshots from the field showcasing our unloading stations for wood and plastic, the innovative chain conveyor system leading to our cleaning tower, and the shredder installation with its integral feed conveyor. Not to miss, the extraction screw in action within the silo and the precision installation of two massive roofs atop the concrete silo structure.

Flashback to the end of 2022, when we got started with basic engineering and the procurement of long lead items. Throughout 2023, our engineers meticulously planned every aspect of this installation to the minutest detail and our workshop team expertly crafted the chain conveyors and the two silo roof structures, gearing up for the final assembly stages on site soon.

Once mechanical assembly is complete, we’re diving into the electrical and automation phases. Our goal? To have everything up and running, tested, and ready for start-up by the end of this year!

The purpose of our installation is to receive, store, and feed recycled wood and waste products (primarily plastics separated from recycled paper) into the new Valmet boiler. This strategic move will significantly reduce the CO2 fossil fuel footprint of DS Smith’s cardboard production, aligning with their commitment to sustainable industry practices.

A big thank  you to every team member and partner involved in this multidisciplinary project. Your dedication and expertise are driving us forward, and there’s exciting work still ahead as we push towards completion. Let’s keep up the great momentum!

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May 24, 2024