At Geldof we follow a distinct corporate strategy, a set of well-defined steps: we create beyond the obvious, we commit to a result, and we act with excellence and genuine care. During every step of this process we are guided and supported by our values: entrepreneurship, commitment, reliability, respect and teamspirit.


We are eager, entrepreneurial and determined. We are driven to explore and constantly work to create qualitative and durable solutions. We take initiative and welcome fresh approaches and new ways of thinking. We dare to be different, provide opportunities for our customers and other stakeholders and breathe life into great projects worldwide.


Every engagement is considered a real commitment to a specific result. We are goal-oriented and take full responsibility and accountability for our work. We are solution-driven, enthusiastic and determined to take on any challenges that may occur in our project environment and to continuously improve our performance.


We are a reliable and trustworthy partner. At the business level this means we act with operational excellence and according to reliable processes throughout our operations. We are knowledgeable and take pride in our work. At the personal level reliability is engendered through the trust, respect and flexibility that we show our colleagues and business partners. The main facilitator for this is our proactive and transparent communication with all stakeholders on a daily basis.


We believe safety is of paramount importance in all aspects of our operations, as is the respect for the well-being of our colleagues, customers and business partners and for our broader social and ecological environment. We recognize that we have a stake in future generations and deliver qualitative, durable solutions with sustainable methods.


At the Engicon Group we all work together as one team in a stimulating atmosphere where good fellowship thrives. We share experiences, best practices and new ideas that help our colleagues to grow and evolve on both a personal and professional level. We team up with business partners and customers across different industries, geographical regions and cultures and together we have a proud track record of ‘Integrated Steel Solutions’ that is second to none.

Our values, we promise

Together, these values constitute our promise to our customers, employees, business partners and all our stakeholders who rely on our inherent value-driven way of doing business and value the way we involve them in this process.