SHE policy

The safety, health and well-being of all stakeholders, the respect for the social and ecological environment, the integral quality of the solutions offered and bottom-line customer satisfaction are keystones in Geldof’s corporate philosophy. Geldof fosters each project according to a distinct approach: ‘we create’ beyond the obvious, ‘we commit’ to a result, ‘we act’ with excellence and ‘we care’ in a genuine way. Geldof’s customers, employees and business partners rely on this inherent value-driven way of doing business and actively participate in this process. That is why ‘we’ includes you.

This philosophy constitutes the foundation of Geldof’s SHEQ policy in which safety has a prominent role. The safety policy is visible in its day-to-day activities, and at all levels of the organization.

Safety, a core value
Safety management

The importance of safety management within our organization is clear due to the fact that it is not the sole responsibility of the top management and SHE manager – providing the health and safety management system with the necessary validity and support – but it is just as much the responsibility of every employee. At Geldof everyone has a great sense of personal responsibility. Safety and the successful realization of the safety policy are also a team effort. We ensure the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our integrated management system with periodic assessments, audits and reviews, resulting in relevant action plans, milestones and suitable control procedures.

Geldof commits to provide its employees with the training, tools and procedures required for managing the safety in its organization. The management strives not only to comply with applicable law, procedures and regulations wherever it conducts its business and supplements them, but additionally applies its own specific requirements.

Right from the beginning, Geldof has been committed to obtain the highest of safety levels within its organization and during the execution of its activities. Several steps and actions have been taken in order to increase the safety through a larger commitment and a bigger motivation and awareness of every employee. Unsafe situations are discussed and solved. Through a practical way of thinking and handling, improvement propositions are immediately implemented. With the introduction of behavior based safety, Geldof marked a new milestone in its way to a higher safety level and achieving its goal of zero accidents.

Specific measures and actions
  • Mr Vonk – Geldof’s safety mascot

  • Safety test for all new employees, suppliers and subcontractors

  • Monthly safety themes

  • LMRA cards

  • Participation to World Day for Safety and Health at work

  • Introduction of ten safety rules

  • Internal auditors

  • Emergency drills

  • Voluntary external audits apart from certificates

  • Safety is the first topic at every management and project meeting

  • PPE’s are available for everybody

  • Safety signs on the premises to stimulate safe behavior

  • Indicated walking isles in production

  • Continuous training

  • Safety drills on site for specific tasks

  • Safety signs on the sites to stimulate safe behavior

  • Periodical coordination and various toolboxes on specific safety issues

At Geldof, safety is not a priority… Respect for safety is a core value. Priorities change, core values persist.

Peter Verrept, CEO, Engicon nv (Geldof)

SHE, we care

Geldof takes responsibility for the impact of its activities on customers, employees, suppliers, business partners, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of its operations. We see this obligation as extending beyond the statutory obligation to comply with legislation.

Besides operating within the most rigorous environmental regulations in the world, Geldof recognizes that it has a stake in the planet’s future generations and the ability of the environment to support life. Environmental good practice is also about business effi ciency. It is about the best use of all raw materials and consumables and feeding the benefi ts of action straight through to the bottom line.

Our SHE performance

Geldof has obtained several certificates that require the highest of standards when it comes to safety, health and environment : VCA-P, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

When the Safety Checklist for Contractors manifested itself as the new norm in Belgian business, Geldof was one of the first to gain the VCA** certificate, now VCA-P (the safety certificate in Belgium for contractors in the petrochemical sector). Proof that Geldof complies strictly with the standards of safety in engineering design and construction.

Meanwhile, again as the first Belgian company in its sector, Geldof obtained the ISO 45001 certificate. It is an international Health and Safety management system. It helps to minimize risk to employees and others, improve an existing safety management system, demonstrate diligence, gain assurance, etc. With respect to environmental care, we also received that ISO 14001 certificate.

With respect to environmental care Geldof has taken all necessary steps and obtained the ISO 14001 standard. ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for an environmental management system.


ISO 14001

ISO 45001