Off-site and on-site

Subassemblies, pre mounted skid built units or finished items can be completely fabricated off-site (on our premises or elsewhere) and shipped for simple installation at the job site.

Our fabrication area covers 60,000 m² with crane service, with the workshops accounting for 20,000 m² of that space. We are fully equipped to handle all grades of carbon and stainless steel, heat resistant and low temperature materials, special alloys, and clad and weld overlaid materials such as Inconel, Monel and Hastelloy. See our facilities to learn more about our possibilities.

We continuously invest in new infrastructure such as construction bays, machinery parks and advanced shipping and transport. The latest technologies are incorporated in all applicable disciplines, from welding methods, site and workshop procedures and calculation and drawing software to, most importantly, highly qualified and dedicated personnel.

Besides our own workshops, Geldof disposes of a highly competent and powerful site organization equipped with the most advanced erection and assembly tools.

We keep a constant eye on safety, health, environment and quality. It are our keystones. We act safely, in a highly flexible manner with quality, functionality, on-time delivery and our customers’ specific needs as our principal focus.