That was the year when entrepreneur Michel Geldof founded Geldof Metaalconstructie. Previously active in the flax industry but recognizing with commendable foresight the future need for metal constructions in various branches of industries the company shifted the focus.

Already at that time “customer-orientedness, quality and commitment to results” were the well appreciated driving forces. Yet, even then it could not be foreseen that just in a few decades Geldof would become a solution provider of worldwide repute.


Petra Geldof, daughter of Michel, together with Bernard Mestdag and Marc Meurisse took over. Since December 2010 Marc Meurisse and Xavier Mestdag (son of Bernard Mestdag) are our private owners.


Focused on further international growth and keen on developing new business opportunities, Geldof rebranded and started operating under the company name Engicon nv and brand name Geldof.


Engicon integrated G&G’s intellectual property, engineering and operational expertise in its organization. Engicon now markets its pressure vessel activities under the Geldof and G&G brand.

Moreover Engicon developed (and continues developing) strategic partnerships with highly skilled international associates strengthening its position in terms of geographic location, engineering and fabrication flexibility and bottom-line competitiveness.


Our strategy is all about growth:

  • Grow our people by cultivating our values and in pursuit of operational excellence
  • Grow our organisation’s competencies, processes and methodologies
  • Grow our market via geographic expansion and enlargement of our scope of supply

We strive to be successful, in every project, with every solution, time and again and to remain the “first choice”, for our customers, employees and other stakeholders.


Today, our people are making tomorrow’s history. We take responsibility for the impact of our activities on our stakeholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of our operations. We recognize that we have a stake in future generations and offer durable solutions with sustainable methods.