Geldof offers turnkey solutions for the conceptualization, the engineering and the realization of custommade projects in materials handling. We are a reputable and reliable partner for all projects that we undertake; a claim we can confidently base on our long standing track record as a respected builder of high quality equipment for the storage and handling of bulk materials, combined with our innovative process knowhow and proven technologies.

Geldof teams up with its customers to find the best solutions and to apply the best practices, be they mechanical constructions, civil engineering works, electrical and instrumentation, integrations of machinery or other challenges. Using this open and full scope approach, we develop pioneering devices which we modulate into new and independent installations with proven technology.

Scope of supply

Geldof offers full scope EPC projects as well as separate equipment to complete bulk handling installations. Our services include:

  • Loading and unloading stations (for trucks, railcars, barges and seagoing vessels), hoppers and stackers
  • Storage equipment: silos and bunkers
  • Transport systems completely installed employing screw, belt and chain conveyors and elevators and including de-dusting, ferrous/non-ferrous detection, weighing, fire-safety and other equipment
  • Processing units (separation, milling, dosing, blending, et cetera)