Déchargeur de navire avec bras télescopique
Study, construction and delivery of a ship loader with telescopic arm
Key facts & figures
The ship loader is an impressive machine with a total weight of 220 ton, a height of 32 m, length of 30 m and width of 13 m
The entire installation is mounted on a carbon steel structure
The telescopic arm is constructed out of stainless steel and lined with PVC
The loader has a capacity of 585 ton per hour and is used to load granular fertilizer
Thanks to the 4 engines the loader can move up and down the quay over a distance of 320 m
A large mobility was required, the arm can be extended 18 m to reach a total length of 45,5 m and can be hoisted up 52°
The entire installation was assembled and tested on our premises and trans-ported fully-constructed on a barge to the client