3000m³ “brewing” vessel @Alco Bio Fuel

Alco Bio Fuel (ABF) is one of Belgium’s major biorefineries processing grain into bio-ethanol, protein-rich animal feed: (DDGS), liquid CO2, and a number of other by-products such as corn oil.

In 2007, when the factory in Ghent was constructed, Geldof built the fermenters. For the expansion of production, we were asked to construct one more this year: a 3000 m³ tank with conical bottom, placed on a concrete skirt and foundation, also in our scope.

After implementation of the robust and solidly reinforced concrete base, we started construction of the ‘’brewing’’ vessel in August. After assembling the conical bottom, the shell quickly followed. In the meantime, the roof was built next to it, piping supports installed and the whole roof was painted under the November sun.

Lifting the 40-tonne roof with the 400-tonne crane went without a hitch. In this way we were able to successfully complete the hydro test mid-December, well within the schedule.

It remains to paint the shell in the spring, in the meantime the fermenter will be put into service.