35088 – A new lease on life for tank 966

At the end of 2022, @TEAM Terminal Rotterdam asked Geldof what we could do about tank 966. Built in 1972, the 92.400m³ crude oil tank was in desperate need of a full overhaul. The list of required repairs was extensive, ranging from replacing the bottom to installing a new stairway, windgirder, and overhauling various components such as the top rings and walkway.

Undaunted by the scope of the project, Geldof rose to the challenge. Over the ensuing months, we methodically tackled each and every item on the list. The end result: T966 is looking better than ever, and ready to serve for another half-century. By the end of March, the tank was back in operation, a testament to the dedication and skill of our crew.

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April 26, 2024