Agropolychim’s 20.000 m3 ammonia tank up and running!

Good news coming from Bulgaria!

The second refrigerated ammonia tank we built for our client Agropolychim is up and running!

Over the past few months, we’ve seamlessly completed a number of crucial tasks:

  • the mechanical finishing
  • the water and pressure testing
  • the painting works

All were carried out smoothly by our team of professionals on-site, and now the tank is ready for operations!

In this double walled cold storage tank, our client will be able to store an extra 20.000 m3 refrigerated liquid ammonia. This investment significantly expands their existing capacity, and allows them to become the ammonia hub for Southeast and Central Europe.

Geldof is proud to have partnered with Agropolychim in this strategic project!


Agropolychim AD is a leader in Bulgaria and an important market factor on the map of the fertilizer production and trade in Southeastern Europe.


March, 30th, 2023