Cargill here we come

BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH builds biodiesel production plants worldwide. They have been commissioned by Cargill Ghent to build the process installation for the Midas project. This Midas project is a third-generation biodiesel and biochemicals plant that will use complex waste oils as raw materials and process them into fuel. For this project, we are asked to build 30 storage tanks!

The 30 storage tanks, of which 13 carbon steel and 17 stainless steel, vary in diameter from 3.3 m to 15.2 m and in height from 4.5 m to 20.0 m. The 5 largest tanks are located at the Cargill site. built in Ghent and the other tanks will be built off-site. The insulation of the tanks is also part of our assignment.

It is a very beautiful and challenging project with a short schedule. We will start building on site in April 2021 and will be ready by the end of September 2021.