Creative Geldof plan leads to new multi-million contract with EDF

Geldof, total engineering and steel construction project contractor, has won a new contract with electricity supplier EDF. The work is to replace 18 storage tanks at an electricity power plant in Guadeloupe, a French archipelago in the Caribbean Sea.

Geldof distinguished itself with its action plan. The 18 tanks will be constructed by Geldof in Belgium before being shipped to Guadeloupe. They will then follow a pre-set route to the power plant. This approach removes numerous problems and risks for end-client EDF, and guarantees better quality and a definite delivery time.

“This is the third time that we have supplied EDF,” explains Jan Soetaert, Manager of the Storage Tanks Department at Geldof. “We always try to put ourselves in the client’s position, and visit their site, for example to draw up a customised action plan.”

Not constructed on site

Tanks of this size are normally constructed on site. This was also what the client initially requested in this case. But Geldof developed an alternative solution, which it proposed successfully. Constructing the tanks in Belgium means Geldof can avoid difficult environmental and weather conditions such as high humidity and hurricane season. This approach also increases efficiency on site thanks to improved working with subcontractors and less storage space requirements for raw materials. This also limits safety risks on the construction site.

The shipping of the tanks is scheduled for January 2013. Tank diameters reach 12 metres and lengths vary from 5 to 15 metres. The tanks can weigh up to 68 tons each.

February 13th, 2012