Lifting bottom of tank

Engineering record at Yara Sluiskil

Recently at Yara Sluiskil, a new record was set. We are currently building 3 tanks for this customer, the largest of which measures 25m in diameter. It was the bottom for this tank which was lifted onto the tank foundations in its entirety, thus establishing a new record for the largest prefabricated tank bottom Geldof has ever installed in one piece.

Interesting detail: in order to make this entire operation possible, special lifting tools had to be developed to make sure that this heavy load could be lifted safely. The bottom was not lifted directly onto the foundations, but actually rests on beams which are in between the foundations and the bottom. The beams allow our customer to inspect the bottom at all times, even when there is product inside the tank. Around the tank, there is also going to be a concrete 9m high wall.

The other two tanks will be fabricated in our shop. One tank will be transported in its entirety, while the other will be delivered to Yara Sluiskil in two pieces and assembled on site.

November 4th, 2016