Gas ducts the size of a train tunnel!

Geldof started a very exciting sustainability project for the biggest steel manufacturer of The Netherlands, Tata Steel Ijmuiden.

The factory, regarded by the industry as one of the most modern in Europe, is taking a big step in the implementation of their Roadmap Plus improvement program. In the coming years, this program will help them to reduce the fine dust and nitrogen emissions of their pellet factory by a whopping 80%.

To reach this goal, Tata Steel has entrusted Geldof with the engineering and production of the interconnecting flue gas ducts and the associated support structures.

Some dizzying facts & figures about this gigantic project:

  • Channel segment diameters of the ducts: 4,5 m; 6 m and 8 m (yes, that’s larger than the diameter of the Eurotunnel!)
  • Span up to 70 m
  • Installation height up to 50 m
  • 1000 Tonnes of plate construction
  • 400 Tonnes of steel construction
  • Engineering and production within a tight time frame

Geldof is committed to help this sustainable transition happen. Flawlessly and within schedule, of course!

Learn more about Tata Steel’s Roadmap Plus program by clicking this link.


(Below, an illustration of the installation. Geldof is building the parts marked in green)

June, 8th 2023