Geldof raises the roof(s)

Recently, Geldof (Engicon nv) successfully reached an important milestone in its maintenance project for 10 storage tanks in the Netherlands. As part of this project, we were entrusted with the complete overhaul of the roofing plates for two of these tanks, both 60 years old and 25m in diameter. After inspecting these roofs and doing the necessary calculations, our experts decided that the roofs could be lifted in their entirety, provided that the necessary temporary reinforcements were attached. Two new roofs were constructed on a location nearby and shipped to the tank site, where a crane was waiting to remove the old roofs and to put the new ones in place. Thanks to our dedicated engineering and construction team, the entire operation went off without a hitch. The storage tanks in question are now looking spic and span again and ready for service. On to the next 60 years?

November 19th, 2015