Geldof visits Yara Sluiskil

After satisfactory completion of our fourth project at Yara Sluiskil, the Geldof employees had the chance to see the results with their own eyes as we were invited to visit our Northern neighbors’ site in the Netherlands.

Last Saturday, May 11, we left Harelbeke early in the morning for what promised to be a very interesting day.
After a friendly welcome by the people at Yara we received a short introduction about safety, the Yara company and more specifically its department Yara Sluiskil. Fully prepared we then started our guided tour around the site.

One of the things Geldof was responsible for at Yara Sluiskil, was the construction of a full scope loading building for ships and trucks.
The new building provides the customer a 2x500t/h ship loading capacity, fully automated, which is a much higher capacity than before.
We visited the loading building and were even allowed to take a look inside.
We also went to the truck loading station and spotted our conveyor belts throughout the entire site. Those where fabricated in our shop at Harelbeke and then transported to their location.
Finally, we noticed the sulfuric acid tank and we were able to catch a glimpse of the scrubber between the steel structures.

After this enriching day, we returned home with a proud feeling and lots of enthusiasm for future projects.
We want to thank Yara Sluiskil for their cooperation and for welcoming us at their site.


May 17th, 2019