New carbon capture project

In 2024, environmental considerations are top of mind across a range of industries. As a company, we’ve helped many of our clients develop durable solutions over the years, ranging from bio-ethanol installations and green ammonia tank parks to biomass conversion and dedusting installations. But did you know you can also count on Geldof for all your carbon capture needs?

According to a study by the IPCC, carbon capture technology could play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the course of the current century. Many vital industries are struggling to find viable alternatives to fossil fuels, but they can still meet their short-term emissions targets by sequestering and storing their excess CO2. There are even innovative efforts being made to convert the stored carbon dioxide into useful products like concrete, certain polymers or fuel.

One such carbon capture project – the largest project on this scale in the Netherlands – was recently launched by Yara Sluiskil. We are honored to announce that they are entrusting Geldof with the design and production of all 7 horizontal storage tanks, each with a volume of 2.250 m³ and a total weight of 382,5 tons/piece. The storage tanks will be prefabricated in 3 parts in our workshop (BE) and shipped to our partner Mammoet Westdorpe (NL). There, the separate parts will be assembled, pressure tested, blasted and insulated, before being transported by road to their permanent location.

Thanks again to Yara Sluiskil for the confidence they’ve given us.

Who knows, maybe we’ll also have the green solution for you?

February 16, 2024