Optimizing the heat network in Utrecht

In our latest energy transition project, smart engineering is being blended with architectural beauty through the installation of 4 heat buffer units for the Utrecht and Nieuwegein heat network (serving no less than 55.000 households).
At time of writing, we have successfully completed the engineering phase and construction is already underway at 4 locations in the city of Utrecht and Nieuwegein. With the investment, the heat network can be ran more efficiently, while also meeting an increasing demand during peak moments. In addition, the heat buffers will make it possible to harness new sustainable sources for the heat supply, such as geothermal and aquathermal energy. Because these sources continuously produce a constant amount of heat, and production cannot easily be scaled up or down, buffering the heat is both an ingenious and an eco-friendly solution!

But that’s not all. The project has also thought about the looks: by immerging this sustainable energy solution into its surroundings, Eneco not only warms the homes, but also the hearts of the neighbourhood.  The architectural and artistic design of these units is mindblowing. Not only do these pieces of art perfectly blend in with the city landscape, they even enhance it!  For Geldof, this was a great opportunity to be involved in another urban energy project.

More info on this beautiful project: Warmtebuffers Utrecht en Nieuwegein (eneco.nl)

August, 30th 2023