Repair & Tank Maintenance at the Vopak Terminal in Antwerp

As part of the Repair & Tank Maintenance program at the Vopak Terminal in Antwerp, we were asked for the renewal of 2 tanks (on site).
The plates and structural parts were maximally prepared in our workshop.
On the outside; bottom, shell- & roof plates received one layer of paint in the controlled conditions of our paint shop.
This provides a high quality paint layer and protects the plates during tank erection.

Each tank is built in 3 positions: the lower part, the upper part and finally the roof part with the nozzles and secondary steel.
Each shell was erected plate by plate. At completion, we lifted the roof part onto the lower tank construction followed by the remaining painting works.

After finalizing construction, the tank was transported to its final foundation, after which the tank replacement phase started.
Due to the steep slope of the tank bottom we needed to build the bottom separately on the final foundation.
Finally the complete tank (without bottom) was assembled on the final foundation with its tank bottom.

Safety, our core value, was also key during this project.
In collaboration with Vopak, everything was very well prepared.
Every step was discussed before take-off and there was short follow-up on site.
Thanks to smooth cooperation, we were able to work very safely.

24th of June, 2021