Transport systems @BEE

In Ghent, ELECNOR (Spanish EPC contractor) is building a new heat & power plant on behalf of Belgian Eco Energy (BEE): GWC or “Gentse Warmte Centrale”.

The Heat Power Plant will generate carbon neutral electricity and heat from non-recyclable wood waste. This plant uses advanced technologies, including pollution controls and combustion engineering, so the effects of the emissions have become negligible.

We are responsible for the design and construction of the transport systems between the fuel storage and the boiler building.

Our scope consists of various elements : 2 long and 2 short conveyor belts for transporting the non-recyclable wood waste, an automatic sampling system, a conveyor bridge of 60m + small steel structures, electrical cabling works and erection and commissioning.

90% of the scope of delivery will be constructed and assembled in our workshop and transported in large prefabricated parts to the site in Ghent.

October 26th, 2020