Two years on site: Geldof Tank Maintenance team celebrates its second anniversary at ETA Terminal

Geldof celebrates the two-year anniversary of its continued presence on site at the Eurotank Amsterdam (ETA) tank terminal of executing tank maintenance activities. Over 25% of the tanks in this particular terminal have received the ‘Geldof treatment’, getting a complete overhaul before being put back into use. In some cases, this is limited to replacing nozzles or repairing tank bottoms, whereas in other cases, it can go as far as completely overhauling roofs or enlarging the storage capacity of the existing tanks.

Safety is a very important part of the job for us at Geldof. Considering the fact that we usually have to do our work in operational tank pits, paying some extra attention and being on the lookout for possible safety hazards is essential. We are therefore pleased to report that, in over 125.000 hours clocked on site so far, not a single safety incident has occurred.

Figures any company would be proud of, but as our dedicated team of workers know, safety is not a priority for Geldof: it is a core value.

June 30th, 2016