Well coordinated and prepared teamwork @Evos Rotterdam

As part of the methanol expansion project at the Evos Rotterdam terminal, early March the first of 4 carbon steel tanks (diameter 32m) has been fitted with the first roof trusses and crown. A job that required the simultaneous use of 2 cranes and multiple aerial platforms in the tank. Of course, all of this had to be well prepared and coordinated.

The work went very well, due to a highly motivated crew, good preparation and a work permit / lifting plan / TRA meeting in advance with all employees involved in the job. It even went that well, that we were able to install the roof construction on 2 tanks instead of the scheduled 1!

Last week Dura Vermeer (the civil contractor) carried out the final pouring of the last foundation and the application of the sand bitumen layer.

Geldof finished the roof construction on 2 tanks. On the third tank we prepared the roof construction in the tank so that it can be lifted with a telescopic crane and mounted on the roof edge this week.

April 7th, 2021