What’s in the box?

The colossal wooden crates on our quay in Harelbeke are causing quite a bit of speculation, so allow us to dispel a few rumors and unveil the truth.

Here’s what you won’t find in these boxes:

  • A grand piano: let’s just say our forte lies in engineering, not making music.
  • Artwork: the only masterpieces coming out of our workshop are our integrated steel solutions.
  • A travelling circus: while our project managers are skilled at juggling several responsibilities, this is only in the metaphorical sense and not to be taken literally. Besides, our HSE department vetoed the trapeze.

So what can we reveal? Well, our lips are sealed by a non-disclosure agreement, but we can share this much: inside the boxes are four intricate pieces of equipment crucial for a new fertilizer production facility in central Asia. Due to the size of the pieces, their technical complexity and the 2+km of delicate welding work they require, creating these pieces was no small feat. Thanks to a combination of technical knowhow and experience, Geldof mastered the challenge Now, the finished equipment sits on our quay, ready to be picked up for their journey to their new home.


April 19, 2024