Geldof completes first successful in-house jacking operation!

We are proud to announce that we performed our very first complete in-house jacking operation. Since tank maintenance is a booming business at Geldof, we decided to invest in our own jacking material. At the TEAM-Terminal site in the Netherlands, the tank wall and annular ring of tank T904 were jacked to perform civil works underneath.

After renewing the foundations under the annular ring, the tank was jacked-down again and put back in its position. The whole operation went exactly as we planned. With this new material and various tank maintenance projects, we are constantly gaining knowledge and expertise in the field, which makes us eager to keep establishing our place in the world of tank maintenance.

At this moment, the floating tank roof is still jacked and will stay this way until summer holidays.

Stay tuned for more updates …

June 18th, 2019