Geldof contributes to safe gas distribution in Corsica

Next to innovative solutions, we are always looking for new markets in foreign countries. One of our projects in line with this Geographical Expansion Strategy started recently at the site of Engie in Ajaccio, Corsica.

Engie is a major player in the energy transition in various countries. The group offers electricity and natural gas energy to various customers.
At their plant in Corsica, two non-covered spheres contained butane gas for 16,000 clients. Since safety is of major importance, they have asked Geldof to build two new spheres with a volume of 2500m³, covered with sand. In addition, the charging station, piping and evaporators will be replaced by our partners (Spac, Bouygues, Vendasi) and the opportunity will be used to replace butane by propane gas, which will have no direct consequences for the clients using the gas.
Preparation works are finished and construction has started.

We wish everyone lots of success!

May 29th, 2019