Mission accomplished: 6 storage tanks delivered safe and sound

Geldof is pleased to announce a safe and successful delivery of 6 Utility Storage Tanks at Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam. Prefabricated and fully dressed on our off-site construction location in the harbour of Antwerp, the delivery of the tanks was split into two shipments:

  • The three smaller tanks (diameter from 6 to 8m, shell height from 6 to 7,5m) T1401/T1402/T1403 were loaded on to a boat in the morning of January 15 and delivered on the 17th.
  • The three larger tanks (diameter 15m, shell height from 10,5 to 16m) T1974/T1976/T1977 were loaded on to a pontoon in the morning of the 16th and delivered on the 18th.

Once all 6 tanks were delivered safely to our client Worley/Shell, they requested our help and guidance with the transport and installation on site. Thanks to the constructive collaboration between Mammoet, Worley/Shell and Geldof, the job was done according to plan.

These storage tanks will be used in the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel made from waste in the form of used cooking oil, waste animal fat and other industrial and agricultural residual products.

We want to thank our customer for their trust in our expertise.

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February 2nd, 2024