Project in Germany with interesting design element

One of our customers in Germany is integrating a large Combined Heat and Power system with steam circuits at different steam pressures. For this project, Geldof has been commissioned to build 4 stainless steel tanks for the Capacitive Deionization water, as well as 1 CS tank for storage of the condensate.

While the tank construction itself is fairly straightforward, besides the fact that the tanks are located close to running process installations, an interesting design element is the presence of a nitrogen buffer above the water, combined with an overflow opening at the top of all tanks.

The engineering of a suitable nitrogen airlock requires a solution that takes into account every possible operating condition, including start-up, possible N2 supply failure, emptying of the siphon, monitoring of the filling level, etc.

We are confident that we can provide our client with a satisfying custom solution and we are looking forward to a successful collaboration with all parties involved.

26th of May, 2021