Tank Maintenance @ TEAM Terminal BV

A year ago, we gladly reported that Geldof and TEAM Terminal BV, one of the largest oil storage and handling companies in the Rotterdam Europoort area, had entered into a forward contract for tank maintenance and repair works.

It has been a year of good cooperation, mutual trust and a lot of support, which has now lead us to team up for another exciting project: the renovation of three enormous storage tanks (73m diameter), one of which has suffered a rim-seal fire in 1999 and has been waiting for repair ever since.

Safety is a keystone in the corporate philosophy of both Geldof and TEAM Terminal. We are committed to obtain the highest of safety levels during the execution of our activities. Safety does not compete with other business priorities. It is the reason why we are able to work efficiently, offer quality and deliver on time.  

By the end of this year, all of the tanks should be up and running. In order to achieve this goal, many people will be working simultaneously on and around the storage tanks. We created a very structured planning and arrange daily meetings to follow up or quickly adapt when necessary.

Finally, also the logistic part of this multidimensional project has made us come up with a creative solution. The dykes around the storage tanks are up to 5 meter in height, which can make it tricky to reach the entrances. In order to facilitate work, we will make large temporary openings.

This is a full scope project for Geldof. In addition to the replacement and renovation of foundations, rings and secondary steel of the tanks, we are also in charge of all civil works, E&I and piping.  

After years of experience as an EPC-contractor, we are very enthusiastic to take this opportunity. Thanks to this project, we will not only be able to confirm our flourishing partnership with TEAM Terminal once more, but also to expand our positive reputation in the world of Tank Maintenance.

May 23th, 2018