Vacuum double bottom, ready for a “type approval”

For our client Transtank GmbH in Germany, we are responsible for the design and construction of three site built storage tanks with an operational volume of 15000m³.

The 3 identical double walled tanks will be used for the storage of aviation fuel JET A1 and in line with the international JIG requirements.

By pipeline Jet A1 will be delivered coming from the refinery of BP and temporarily stocked in these storage tanks.

Our focus was to finish a vacuum double bottom and making it ready for a “type approval” according to German requirements, which we have reached, now.

The project is demanding: starting with the implementation of the rigorous German codes and requirements, managing the interface between the foundations and steelwork, having an extreme storm and some damage from it, we now chew on the Covid-19 consequences.

But committed as we are, we will end this project as a good one, with satisfaction for all parties!

July 1st, 2020