Myrsini – Structural Engineer

Being a structural engineer in the industrial sector at Geldof is an exciting career choice!

I started working at Geldof almost 2 years ago, as one of the first representatives of the international community within the engineering department. Having studied and worked in different countries such as Greece and The Netherlands, the choice to work for a company with big projects all over the world, was an undoubtable priority for me when I moved to Belgium.

In my current role, I am responsible for the structural design of steel structures and storage tanks as well as the stability assessment of existing steel structures. The industry that Geldof is involved in is fast paced and delivery driven. Every project is unique, which makes the engineering challenges very interesting and variable. That gives us the chance to take initiative and develop innovative and efficient solutions. A lot of emphasis is placed on excellence and high-quality solutions, which has a very positive result on my skills and my career development in general. Huge reward for me is the ability to see the fruit of your work being realized at a very short time period, unlike other sectors/companies.